A Visual Guide To Star Wars Part 2: Starships

A follow up to my first Star Wars visualization. This time we are looking at data from Starships in the Star Wars universe, based on the Star Wars API. This time, we compare the attributes of the Starships that might make them more (or less) advantageous in war. Cost, speed, days before resupply and more all play in a role. The question I have after making this, is the Death Star really the ultimate military weapon, or would an army be better off with nearly 7 million X-wings?

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Breaking Bad: A Complete Visual Timeline

Breaking Bad has been argued to be the best show of all time. Season 5, it’s final season, has a near perfect score on Metacritic. Lilach Manheim however has taken her fandom a step further. Using the data from Breaking Bad’s Wikia page, she created what I consider to be the ultimate visual timeline. She breaks down the number of episodes in each episode. How many hours every minute represents. The amount of time every major character survives on the show. She even discovered patterns in the deaths of major characters. Don’t just look at this graph. Scroll over it, read it, and access the different windows using the navigational buttons at the top of the screen. The amount of information crammed into this viz deserves every fan’s time. Read more “Breaking Bad: A Complete Visual Timeline”